Monograming 101

Monogramming 101

Our tagline reads “The Monogram Place” and with good reason. We know monograms. So I thought I would write about the do’s and don’ts of monogramming. Here’s a quick run down:

Traditional Female Monogram
Debra = First Name
Patrick = Last Name (Should be larger than other two initials)
Templeton = Maiden Name or Middle Name

Married Monogram
Debra = Wife’s name
Patrick = Last Name
David = Husband’s name

4 Initial Female Monogram
Mary = First Name
Katherine = First Name
Elizabeth = Middle Name
Smith = Last Name

Male Monogram (All same height)
James = First Name
David = Middle Name
Patrick = Last name

Male Monogram Stacked
James = First Name
David = Middle Name
Patrick = Last name


Okay that’s the basic rules of monogram etiquette so now let’s talk about the common sense rules. Moms…if you love monograms and plan on monogramming sweet little dresses or outfits, please, please, PLEASE pay attention to the rules when naming your child. Through the years we have seen a few that has made us giggle and scratch our head that begged the question, “Why would they do this to their child???”. Here are a few….ENJOY! 🙂


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