What is On-The-Go Monograms?

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Working as an On-The-Go Monogram Representative you will actively pursue group sales by way of home parties, selling directly to businesses, medical facilities, and schools. Working on a commission base, tiered structure, OTG Reps will be given the option to buy or earn at least one of the 6 unique kits that are offered. “Your own business in a bag” will include a catalog displaying several design examples, downloadable PDF flyers, and pre-made samples of personalized, industry specific items.

why palmetto twist?

Brand recognition, no up front costs and product discounts are just a few reasons why it makes it an easy choice to start your own business with Palmetto Twist.

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Brand Recognition
Palmetto Twist has become a brand synonymous with excellent customer service, quality and monogramming. They have grown to 7 stores with more on the way making them one of the leaders in the personalization industry.

No up front costs
Where else can you start your own business with no money down? Simply order the kits you like, start selling and pay for the kits through your earned commissions. You will have one month to earn your kits giving you plenty of time to pay off the kits and start making money.

Product Discounts
Working as an On-The-Go Rep you will have the same benefits as a Palmetto Twist employee. 20% off merchandise, 50% off personalization services and 40% off items that are sourced out for personalization.

No inventory to maintain
No need for stocking any inventory. You will be working from personalized samples and placing orders. Once the order is placed with your Palmetto Twist home base you can expect the completed order in two weeks or less.

how it works

OTG Reps choose one, three or all 6 kits that are catered to a specific industry and sell via home parties, catalogs or on location at events or scheduled meetings. There are no restricted territories making business opportunities limitless.

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Choose your kit or kits
There are six kits available each designed for a specific industry. The kit comes with personalized samples, a catalog showing design examples, order forms, business cards, marketing material and a bag to house the samples for easy transport.

Follow the On-The-Go “map for Success”
Upon signing the agreement to become an On-The-Go Rep you will be trained and given a “Map for Success” guide that will help you jump start your business. Before you know it you will be selling and making new friends.

You will sell to friends & family at home parties, direct sell to local businesses and medical facilities, schools, teams and clubs. You will be given all the tools necessary in finding your customers and growing your business.

Where you can sell
The great thing about being an On-The-Go Rep is that you are not restricted to a specific territory. You choose which Palmetto Twist store location to be your base and if you happen to sell in another stores territory then that store will fulfill your order. Should you sell in a territory that is not taken your base store will fulfill your order.

Getting Paid
After each event, party or appointment you will collect money up front via check or credit card. When you turn your order into Palmetto Twist you will write a check less your commission. Easy peasy!!!

twist kit selections

By offering an assortment of kits industry specific it allows our OTG Reps the ability to start their business in an area of familiarity. This helps jump start your business thus giving you the confidence to venture into other industries and grow your income faster.

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General Kit $250
This kit includes items commonly found in any Palmetto Store. Everything from tee shirts, hats and jewelry to handbags, home décor and baby gifts.

Medical Kit $200
Nurses, doctors, veterinarians…anyone who works in the medical industry will love to see you come with this kit. It has everything from monogram stethoscope covers, jewelry and badge reels to socks, vests and tee shirts.

Business Apparel Kit $200
With the business kit you will be able to outfit office personnel with a polo shirt or a landscaping business with tee shirts and hats all with their company logo.

Cheer Uniform Kit $150
Outfit an entire cheerleading squad easy with this kit. Included are several styles of tops and skirts, liners, briefs, pom poms and more.

Cheer & Dance Essentials Kit $420
Loaded with everything a cheerleader or dance student would need including bags, equipment bags, warm-ups, and camp & practice apparel.

Fan Apparel kit $100
Everyone wants to support their favorite team, son or daughter. With this kit you will be able to offer them personalized tee shirts, jackets, hats, bags and more.

is it for you?

Don’t be afraid of new beginnings, from new people, new energy, new surroundings, new challenges. Embrace new chances at happiness.

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Take the test…How many of the following statements are true?

  • You love to learn. Whenever you hear about something new you instantly Google it. True or False?
  • When you hear people talking about business ideas you always think of ways to make them better. True or False?
  • You’re a leader. Whenever you work in groups you naturally take charge. True or False?
  • You’re awesome at making lists and have always been goal oriented. True or False?
  • You like to help others and have always wanted a career that makes people happy. True or False?
  • You’re a pro at managing your time and are known for being extremely organized. True or False?
  • You aren’t scared to take a risk. If anything, it sounds exciting. True or False?
  • You’ve always been competitive in school, sports, or with friends. True or False?
  • You’re good at coming up with ways to work smarter, save time, and be more efficient. True or False?
  • You’ve always been extremely creative. True or False?

If you found yourself answering true to most of the above then this is probably for you.

Take a chance. You never know how perfect this might turn out.

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