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USA Mason Jars Garden Linen Flag

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USA mason jars double sided decorative garden flag.  This flag features 3 mason jars with the letters USA decorated in red, white and blue.  The mason jars are filled with fresh flowers and hand held US Flags.  The design and wording reads correctly on both sides of the flag and features 3d flower accents.  Fly from your garden stand (sold separately) to display your patriotism.

Boutique linen house flags are made by Evergreen Enterprises.  The textured polyester fabric has the look and feel of heavy linen and is highly weather-resistant and durable, so you get the fashionable, rich look of linen with the durability of polyester.  The artwork is appliqued and printed on two separate panels and then sewn together back to back, creating a heavy, luxurious feeling, double-sided flag that will add beauty and fashion to any setting.

Size:    12.5" wide x 18" long