Year in Review the Year of the New

2018 marked six years Palmetto Twist has been in business. As I look back on the year many things come to mind. Good things, bad things and GREAT things.

We started off to a slow start. Looking back, I think we lost our focus and it showed in our merchandise and presentation. To put it more bluntly, we were stale! So about midway through the year we made the decision to invest more in fashion and jewelry. Things like maxi dresses, animal print tops, tassel necklaces, hoops, hoops and more hoop earrings! And guess what??? Y’all LOVED it!!!

So, what did we do next? We flipped our whole store around and gave it a makeover. Starting with designating an area for all the fashion we were getting in then moving the registers around to make shopping easier. The new merchandise and new look gave us the energy and motivation to do even more. So, when the jewelry brand Luca + Danni was offered to us we jumped on the opportunity. This hand-crafted jewelry was new and a perfect addition to our store.

As Christmas approached we started planning our 12 Days of Christmas sale. We knew we had to hit it out of the park and we did just that. We kicked it off on Black Friday with the $5 monogram tees followed by the $16 monogrammed engraved tassel necklaces. The store was packed, full of excitement and officially back on track.

To add icing to my cake, on the following Monday November 26thmy daughter Maegan and her husband Zane welcomed Kyle Patrick Cordell into the world. My first grandchild!!! (This is the GREAT part of the story.)

I can’t end this without mentioning the Day of the CC Beanies. These were part of our 12 Days of Christmas sale. We sold 300 in 2 hours. Ran again another day and sold 700 in 2 hours. Decided to run one more time. This time on a Saturday and this time offer a variety of styles in the brand totaling 3000 pieces!!!! We had all hands-on deck including my husband and daughter. People were lining up at 8:45 AM with us opening at 10:00 AM. The doors open and at least 75 people rush in with lists in hand. IT WAS CRAZY!!! After it was all said and done we sold out of most of them and set a store record that day.

We went from bad to good to great in 12 short months. You, our wonderful loyal customers have blessed us beyond measure. Our promise to you in 2019 is to listen to your wants, exceed your expectations and make it a fun and exciting year!


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